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First Captain Marvel Screening Reactions Praise … the Cat?

Chewie, is that you?

Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel.

Originally known as “Chewie” in the comics, it seems as if Carol Danvers’ cat is taking over the internet. When we first saw that a cat was in the poster for Captain Marvel, many began to look into the history of Carol and her cat. Our obsession only grew as learned that, instead of being named “Chewie,” Carol’s movie cat would be named Goose, after Anthony Edwards’ character in Top Gun.

But we’re not the only ones. From what we can tell, Nick Fury seems to love Goose just as much as the rest of us. Now, first reactions to a screening of the highly anticipated Captain Marvel have started to take over Twitter, and it seems like Goose left more of an impression than anything else. We are very intrigued by this orange tabby cat that seems to capture everyone’s attention.

To be fair, it does also seem as if, whether or not Goose just stole the show, this is still a movie no one wants to miss. It also isn’t exactly surprising, after Goose even got his own poster to get fans excited about the cat being a prominent part of Carol’s storyline.

The latest trailer for Captain Marvel shows that Carol can be fun, witty, and knows when it’s time to get to business to take on the Skrulls and learn about her past. She may be fierce, but there is also a mystery to her that even she doesn’t understand—at least when the movie opens. Remembering only glimpses of her past, we’re going to be learning about who Carol Danvers is just as she is, and maybe that means we all fall in love with a funny little cat along the way.

This movie is set to make history for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as it is the first time we’ve ever had a female take on leading a movie in the MCU. Carol Danvers could pave the way for countless other women to take on their own movies, and I can’t wait to get out there and support her, Goose, and the rest of the characters in Captain Marvel.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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