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Carol Danvers Gets Sassy in Fun New Captain Marvel Trailer

I love her? So much???

She’s a badass, she knows what’s up, and she calls out the Skrull by blowing up something in a restaurant. Um, I can’t wait for Captain Marvel to hit the big screen? The first ever female-led Marvel movie is set to bring Carol Danvers to life back in the ’90s with a Nine Inch Nails shirt, two eye-toting Nick Fury, and from this trailer, a very young looking Agent Coulson.

With each new trailer, we get more and more of Carol, and more and more of Marvel saying, “This movie is going to be amazing so stop hating on it, children” to those giving the movie a hard time on Twitter. The “problem” most of those people (mostly men) complained about was that Carol didn’t show any personality in the first two trailers.

So what does this trailer have that the others didn’t? A whole lot of sassy Carol Danvers showing us just how amazing she’s going to be!

Meeting up with Nick Fury at a bar, Carol explains what she knows of her past, and we get a little more information about Jude Law’s character.

Honestly, it is about time we’re getting Captain Marvel. For so many years (ten, to be exact), women have sat on the sidelines of the Marvel movies. Even the female heroes we did see were often reduced to love interests. With Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, we’re seeing a new turn for the women of the MCU. Without them, the Avengers would have been dead long before Thanos even made it to Wakanda.

And now, Carol Danvers is, seemingly, going to save the day both in her own movie and in Avengers: Endgame. And honestly? I can’t wait.

Check back here at the Mary Sue for news and more on Carol Danvers as she gets ready to save the world on March 8th!

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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