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Nick Fury, He’s Just Like Us! … Meaning He Loves Cats

Director of SHIELD, Death Defier, Cat Lover.

samuel l. jackson

If it’s not his exasperation with the Avengers that makes Nick Fury so relatable, it’s definitely his reaction to Goose (an apparent replacement for Chewie, Captain Marvel’s cat in the comics). When the cat (or possibly Flerken) finally made her onscreen appearance in the latest Captain Marvel movie trailer, after an understated appearance on the poster, fans squealed in excitement.

And then we watched as Nick Fury spent an endless amount of time in adorable softie mode while petting her, to the point where Carol had to remind him that they had to go. The new trailer dropped during Monday Night Football, and we still can’t get enough of Carol Danvers and her introduction to the MCU.

That being said … Nick Fury the Cat Person tho.

We did not expect this turn of events, but we enthusiastically accept the new reality where we all relate to Nick Fury.

We were pretty well prepared for Captain Marvel to show us another side of Nick Fury when depicting him as a younger man, but we weren’t quite prepared for a soft side of this magnitude.

Maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

… or maybe not.

Let’s just hope the relationship between Nick Fury and Goose continues to melt our hearts. It is the good, pure thing we need as we wait for Avengers 4.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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