Pre-E3 Leak Shows Final Fantasy Versus XIII Upgraded to Final Fantasy XV

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When Final Fantasy XIII was announced, it was announced as part of a series of games set in the same universe, dubbed Fabula Nova Crystallis. Included in that series was FFXIII, a mobile game turned PSP game now called Final Fantasy Type-O, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Unveiled at E3 way back in 2006, FFvsXIII has been in development for around seven years now. It has basically become vaporware, so much so that the much maligned Final Fantasy XIII already had a direct sequel while FFvsXIII doesn’t even have a demo. E3 is coming up next week, starting June 5, and thanks to what seems to be a leak, there are rumblings that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be shown off in its new form as a full-fledged Final Fantasy XV. Check out the video leak below.

If the above video is to be believed, it comes from Square Enix’s pre-E3 event held on May 30. The shaky footage shows Noctis, the main character from Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but ends with a clear branding of Final Fantasy XV. Also interesting, the footage shows off the PS3 logo, as well as a Wii U logo, but an Xbox 360 logo is nowhere to be seen even though the game was rumored to hit Microsoft’s console.

The description posted with the leaked video says the trailer shown was the somewhat famous (if you pay attention to all things Final Fantasy, at least) Premiere 2011 trailer, but with the Final Fantasy XV logo tacked onto the end. This trailer was one of the first times we were given a decent amount of footage from FFvsXIII, which included what seemed to be actual in-game footage of Noctis running around and things exploding.

Again, the above leaked video could be some kind of elaborate fake, but we’ll probably only have to wait a week until E3 2012 to find out.

(via GamesRadar)

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