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10 Female Characters I Almost Named My Daughter After, and One I Did

My wife is pregnant with our first child, a daughter, and she’s due any day now. Every time my phone rings I assume it’s her calling to tell me she’s gone into labor, but so far it hasn’t happened. We talked a lot about names, and because I’m a nerd I pitched the idea of naming our daughter after a lot of different female characters from books, movies, television, and games. I’m writing this in advance, with the plan for this to go up when I have to leave when the baby comes. If you’re reading this, I am panicking.

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone that knows me that I wanted to name my daughter after any of the characters on this list, I am after all, a huge nerd. My wife is a pretty big nerd as well, so I really thought a lot of these would have gone over better than they did, but at least I tried. Most of the names I suggested got shot down immediately by my wife, but we finally settled on one we both like from the following list.

(The cover image is an ultrasound picture of my daughter. Thanks, science.)

[geekovision id=200]


We kept the name under wraps until it was official, and now it is. Baby Amelia was born at 4:05 on February 10th weighing in at 7 pounds, 5 ounces.

Come along, Pond.

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