Feedly Goes to the Cloud, Announces Web Version and Apps

Is anyone still waiting to pick a Google Reader alternative? Feedly really wants you to pick Feedly.
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We’re just days away from the end of Google Reader, so if you haven’t found your alternative yet you’d better get on that. I’ve been happy with the switch to Feedly, and the service has just improved. Feedly has launched a standalone browser version of its reader, and has made it even easier to migrate your Google Reader feeds. They’ve also launched Feedly Cloud as well as its first nine apps to broaden Feedly’s usefulness.

The in-browser version of Feedly is a nice touch for anyone with an irrational fear of plugins or extensions, but the bigger improvement is the integration of Feedly into other services like Evernote, IFTTT, and Sprout Social. There are others for more specific platforms. Apps for Nextgen Reader, gNews Reader, Press, gReader, Newsify, Pure News, and Meneré are also being offered with more to come.

Feedly has moved from being a simple reader to its own platform, and in my opinion they’re the service to beat when it comes to gobbling up Google Reader users. That’s something they’ve done quite well already. A representative from Feedly told me that before Google announced the looming death of Reader, Feedly had four million users. Between the announcement they’ve jumped up to 12 million as of the end of May.

If you’re still looking for an RSS solution, I’d really recommend Feedly. It was a solid choice before, but the way things are progressing I think I actually prefer Feedly to Google Reader at this point.

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