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FCC Voted in Favor of Proposal That Could Allow ISPs to Charge Sites for Better Delivery to Customers

This isn't good news.

FCC Chair Tom Wheeler

The FCC has voted three to two in favor of chair Tom Wheeler’s (above) proposal to begin shaping the framework of Net Neutrality. More votes will be coming in the next few months to work out the details, but this opens up the possibility of ISPs charging sites for better reach of their customers.

Wheeler made his stance very clear in the leadup to the vote that any reform should keep the Internet fast and open for consumers, but doesn’t seem too concerned about those requirements for sites and content providers. The debate will continue over the next few months as details get worked out and specific rules are put into place to either preserve or destroy Net Neutrality.

One thing that Wheeler hopes to put into place is oversight for companies to make sure they comply with Net Neutrality rules (whatever they end up being), but it could be a challenge to give smaller sites and startups the same power to report violations as larger companies.

For a quick explanation of what Net Neutrality is, and the destruction its facing, here’s Hank Green debating… Hank Green on the issue:

You can watch the proceedings unfold thanks to a live video stream on the FCC’s website.

(via The Verge, image via ALA Washington Office)

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