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Teminator: We Let Our Cat Walk on the Keyboard“: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week

"Come with me if you want to nom."

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The comment we used for the title of this post, of course, refers to the title of the new Terminator flick. I’d prefer the cat one to Genisys. Also in this week’s comment roundup, our readers scintillating responses to, among other things: Comets! Monkey selfies! David Goyer’s response to bisexual Constantine! And more.

David Goyer doesn’t like if you bring up that comics John Constantine is bisexual. But why? According to Facebook commenter Drew M., “Constantine was just invented as a bi magic-guy for Hulk to bang. Obviously.”

“Please do not snark about cultural things you don’t understand. We Chinese people ALWAYS store our raw scallops next to our apples in the kitchen. It makes our scallops taste like apples, and our apples taste like scallops. DELICIOUS.”—Constructive criticism accepted, Ruminum. We shouldn’t have been so mean to Lucy.

Chris Pratt: Psychic? A time traveller? Jules Knispel says: “It’s obvious. Do a full body scan…I bet he has 2 hearts.” Gassssssp.

And speaking of Chris Pratt, PrincessButterRump has it right when she says “He is the human incarnation of a golden retriever puppy. <3”

Terminator: Genisys? Or “Teminator: We Let Our Cat Walk on the Keyboard”? I like your title better, JustPlainSomething.

A George R.R. Martin kid’s book? “Nobody dies, they just take really intense naps.” Sounds about right, Facebook commenter Kimberly D.

“‘Comet me, bro!’ must be a stale joke by now, right? ;-)”—Never, Franck P. Rabeson.

“I feel the way that cover looks.” Same, Charlie B.

Again with that cover: “Not pictured: Charlie, the chocolate factory.” Simple yet eloquent, DavidTLynchEsq.

What sane person does a three point shot from across the room with a recently changed diaper!?” We don’t know, hgralb. We. Don’t. Know.

“Uh huh, we’ll see how Wikimedia’s tone changes once that monkey lawyers up,” says Adrian in reponse to the copyright battle over monkey selfies.

anti-crying spells

And finally, a tip of the hat to those of you who cast anti-crying spells in response to J.K. Rowling Sends A Letter From Dumbledore, Wand, & Hogwarts Acceptance To Girl Who Survived Texas Shooting. Much appreciated.

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