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David S. Goyer Gets Defensive About Constantine’s Sexuality With Comic-Con Reporter

Make sure you are seated in the "ready to facepalm" position

Oh, look, it’s everybody’s favorite member of Hollywood to be mad at, David S. Goyer! What would you like to talk about today, David? … You wanna talk about how all the people who are mad at the bi-erasure in NBC’s Constantine are wrong? Well, that can’t possibly go poorly!

In a roundtable discussion with When Nerd’s Attack contributor Bettie Bloodshed at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Goyer discussed the fan concern over Constantine being depicted as straight in his upcoming NBC television series this fall. In case the video above is too cringeworthy for you to watch, here are his basic arguments: Constantine wasn’t depicted as bisexual until 12 years into the character’s history (at Vertigo, not at Image, the reporter notes in her later coverage), and they never said he wasn’t bisexual in the show; “we just don’t show him getting in bed with a man in the pilot, but neither did the comics, so I don’t know what the big deal is.” Although, to be fair, executive producer Daniel Cerone previously said they’d get to it “maybe 20 years from now,” and unless you’re anticipating Constantine to be the next Law and Order, it’s easy to see why fans are treating this as a big deal.

Speaking of Cerone, he also adds that NBC is constantly pushing them to go darker and edgier, and that they’ve received “nothing but open arms” from the network. But not so edgy as to include a sexual past involving men, I guess?

All in all, I’m not so sure that this inspires a lot of confidence in the changes they’ve reportedly made to the character, especially when you hear it from Goyer himself (jeez, dude, let somebody finish a question before you jump on ’em). Unless you’re a fan of Constantine’s smoking, of course; apparently he’s going to smoke on the show, he just won’t inhale. Yay?

(via When Nerds Attack)

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