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Indisputable Proof Surfaces That Chris Pratt Is Psychic And/Or a Time Traveller

The truth is out there.

We all know that Chris Pratt is an uncannily perfect human being, but now it turns out he has powers of precognition, too. So he knew full well what it would do to us when he stole his Star-Lord jacket so he could visit sick kids.

The video above is of Pratt introducing behind-the-scenes extras for the Parks and Recreation season 2 DVD. In it, he sneakily hints jokes that Steven Spielberg wants him for the lead in Jurassic Park 4. Now, of course, he’s taking his new muscles over to Jurassic World. Some people speculate that this is a publicity stunt, and not carrying Parks and Rec box sets along with me at all times, I can neither confirm nor deny that this clip is actually on there. (The official description does list something called “Pratt on Parks.”) However, if someone tells me Chris Pratt has supernatural powers, I’m gonna go with it. It feels right.

(via Pajiba)

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