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“Personally I’ve Kissed At Least 4 Silurian Ladies This Week, I Don’t Know What The Big Deal Is”: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week

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There are only two puns in our favorite comments roundup this week. I’m going through withdrawal. Save me, commenters, save me.

In response to The Princess Bride recut as a horror movie, Kristopher Smith instructs: “Watch the trailer, and tell me how it makes you feel. Be honest, this is for posterity.”

Anna S. posted the following to Facebook in response to Indiana University devoting $1 million to the study of memes:


Lia Hansen does a public service with this comment in response to Sir Patrick’s mesmerizing appearance in everything this Star Trek: the Next Generation cast reunion selfie: “I think it’s important for people to be aware that Sir Patrick Stewart is in fact an immortal who hit 30, went bald, and then just stopped. Here he is in 1973: [link]

~1990: [link]

and 2014: [link]

He’s been whittling down his remaining hair for the last forty years to give the appearance of aging, but we know. We know.”

Fallout Boy has a way with words: “It’s about time that this movie will be out. I’d watch it… on a Tuesday, but I’d still watch it.”

People (all 6 of ’em) complaining about the lesbian kiss in Doctor Who? “Personally I’ve kissed at least 4 Silurian ladies this week, I don’t know what the big deal is.”—Alicia

“Do not forget, that ‘staff only’ sign means ordinary people like you shall not pass.”—Mininymph

“Guys, really, it’s ok. If internet-educated robots become sentient and stage an uprising, we’ll have time to run because there’ll always be an unskippable 60 second ad before they attack.” Whew, Bunny Byul. You put my non-robot mind at ease.

“Am i stoked about Facebook’s algorithm change [to weed out clickbait articles]? Click here to find out.”—Nice one, Joe.

This entire thread of commenters preemptively offering all the standard responses to criticism of sexism in media is gold (I love you guys), but this one by IAmUnianimousInThat is my favorite: “There are so many games with strong female character’s” *lists all of them in one tweet*”


And finally, Troy T on Facebook responds to Are You A-Were? Underworld Is Getting the Reboot Treatment with “Lycan see what you did there.”


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