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Fandom Is in a Glorious Meltdown Over the Infinity War Trailer

Pictured: MCU fans at the moment

While many people on planet Earth were psyched to see the official Avengers: Infinity War trailer go up, for a segment of the population with a deep emotional attachment to these characters and their world, today has been like Christmas morning mixed with Ragnarok.

On Tumblr and Twitter, which tend to be the epicenters of fan culture, reactions to the trailer were immediate. Gifs and screengrabs of the new footage went up on the sites within minutes, alongside plot theories and text posts with a lot of yelling.

If you’re not a part of fandom, it can be hard to communicate just how much it means to see everyone back in action—and that affection spans across a wide spectrum of character affinity, “ships,” and personal favorites. You might love Spider-Man the most and I might take a bullet for Bucky Barnes, but today, we’re all in this together.

Let’s take the pulse of fandom’s reaction, and what drew their eye, with a few samples from thousands of posts:

Marvel creators are getting in on the fun, too:

And so, in conclusion:

Even the personification of New York Comic Con is Feeling Feelings:

But I mean I’m just fine, just perfectly fine as I sit here staring at these gifs over and over, and not crying or rending my garments in the slightest. How are you?

(images: Marvel Studios)

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