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Here’s Everything Wrong With The Hobbit in Under Four Minutes [Video]


I’m a serious Middle-earth apologist, but I’m not even close to being a purist. Big difference. I could list off a bunch of things that Peter Jackson’s movies “get wrong” about the world and stories of J.R.R. Tolkien except that they’re a movie, and the changes are deliberate. I’m generally okay with that, and I love the movies. Which is why I, too, enjoy CinemaSin’s latest video, “Everything Wrong With The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey In 4 Minutes Or Less.”

But I do have to say, some of these are kind of reaching…because maybe there aren’t as many “everythings” as the CinemaSins people say there are. Still, they’re funny. I mean, that’s an excellent use of the Benny Hill theme.

Watch it already!

Though I’m a little tired of the same old why-can’t-the-Eagles-just-fly-them-there argument. Sheesh, guys. Mordor wasn’t safe even for the Eagles before the One Ring’s destruction — nor would their flight have gone unnoticed — and the Lonely Mountain sure is farther away than the movie makes it appear.

Not to mention the Eagles aren’t beholden to their quest at this stage, just to Gandalf. Then there’s the fact that —

Er, I digress.

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