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Forgot About Dwalin: Never Misidentify A Dwarf Again Thanks To This Handy Flowchart

Are you constantly confusing the thirteen dwarves who travel with Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit? Have you made the embarrassing faux pas of confusing Oin with Gloin? Do you not know your Bombur from a hole in the ground? Never fear, my friend, because the fine folks at Lord of the Rings Project have got you covered with this convenient flowchart that can tell you in just a few simple questions which diminuitive, bearded adventurer you’re looking at. Scroll down to embiggen and see the whole chart, and prepare to amaze friends and family alike with your encyclopedic knowledge of Dwarven lore. Or, you know, depress them with it. Probably that second thing.

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See that? Easy as pork pie, seed cakes, and raspberry tarts. With just a little study, you can look like a Tolkien scholar in no time, and no one has to know that it’s all due to one convenient infographic. Don’t worry, we won’t tell — though if you’re unprepared when someone asks you to sing a bawdy dwarf ballad, don’t look at us.

(via Lord Of the Rings Project)

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