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Even Fox News Found Trump’s 2024 Announcement Speech Boring

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Donald Trump took to the stage in Florida (where he has now made his home base since no one in New York likes him) and announced that he had filed the paperwork to run for president. On that, why does that need to be an hour-long speech anyway? For the most part, Fox News did their normal song and dance with it and broadcast the speech on their network…until they didn’t.

Fox News, the biggest team of gaslighters pretending like Donald Trump is a good man, has decided to go ahead and shut off his speech tonight because it was too boring. Well, sort of. As Trump went on and on tonight talking about things like gas prices (which have nothing to do with a president?) and more, Fox News finally just cut away to talk about things.

And honestly if his speech was so good, why did they cut away at all? Why not sit and watch their savior and heed his every word? Probably because he was talking nonsense as he always does but whatever.

The thing is that they still showed 49 minutes of his speech—but even they couldn’t keep going when he went off the teleprompter and just started to talk about whatever he wanted.

While that is when you know that things are bleak (meaning not even his supporters and those who excuse his every word can listen to him), it is still interesting that this speech went on for so long. It’s something I’ve never understood about Trump rallies in general but this speech just rambled and rambled and even the “reporters” at Fox seemed to know they couldn’t just stay on him.

Honestly, it’s comedy at its best. When even the people who love and support your absolutely baffling and horrific ideals can’t stand to keep listening to you, what does that say about you and your base?

Is Fox News changing its tune?

No. I mean, let’s be real about this. What they realized was that they weren’t getting any new viewers or maybe they were losing viewers so they cut back to their pundits to talk about the speech they “loved” that was still going on. But if that’s not a metaphor for the kind of reporting Fox News does, I don’t know what is. Not listening to the full story and just…talking about it without having all the facts? Sounds about right.

It does delight me seeing that not even those who love Trump could keep watching him ramble on and on. Maybe he eventually came around to the knowledge that gas prices are not something the president does, but also that would require him having a talking point that isn’t just some fabricated issue he’s decided to make his entire platform.

Are we going to have more of this stuff now that he’s trying to run for president again? Probably but I would love to keep laughing about Fox News cutting away from him before his speech is even over.

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