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EarthBound Finally Rereleases on Wii U Virtual Console

Pigs are flying somewhere.


Well, the impossible is now possible: Nintendo of America has finally rereleased EarthBound. It’s been a whopping 18 years since the beloved RPG was released on the Super Nintendo, and it’s back to download legally off of Wii U’s Virtual Console RIGHT NOW. This is great for older fans who want to relive the classic and a new generation that wants to experience it. Hopefully they won’t need to write any “y cant earthbound crawl” messages.

Yep, Ness and company have made their way back to the United States. Nintendo is old and kind of not the best at social media — think of maybe an ill-equipped parent — so they didn’t announce the highly anticipated (re)release date until it actually came out today. A “stealth release,” as the Internet has taken to calling it. If you have no idea what all the fuss is about, Nintendo’s new website describes it pretty well:

Can four not-so-average kids save the world from aliens and certain destruction?
Adventure… Excitement… Trout Yogurt!

Immerse yourself in a truly original, funny game with quirky characters, dozens of places to explore, and an intelligent combat system featuring yo-yos and dirty socks.”

Believe us, it’s as crazy as it sounds. The surreal visuals and dialogue, heartfelt character development, and well-implemented battle system make the cult following it’s received over the years totally valid.

Nintendo is asking $10 for the game, which to some is kind of a hefty price tag for a game from 1995. But considering purchasing a physical copy will set you back around $190 more, this is a pretty solid deal. On top of this, they’ve uploaded the massive strategy guide online. I would have preferred a limited edition reprint of it, but at this point I’ll settle for what they’re giving us.

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