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Dollar Shave Club Starts Selling Wipes, Aims to Become Number One in Number Two

Dollar Shave Club set out to be number one in shaving, now they want to be number one in how you wipe your butt.

DSC Butt Wipes

Last year startup Dollar Shave Club launched to bring cheap razors to your door every month. A mail-order razor service is a good idea, but it really caught our attention because of the launch video. It let everyone know how “f**king great” DSC’s blades were. Now the DSC is moving into a new market — butt wipes. As we’ve come to expect, their video for new One Wipe Charlies is also pretty great.

The video has DSC founder and Upright Citizen’s Brigade-trained comedian Mike Dubin explaining the new product. It also has a bear and an awful lot of poop jokes. See for yourself:

DSC has already grown to 200,000 active members with their razor, so they think it’s time to dominate the entire bathroom. What better way to do that than to get a piece of the $9 billion a year toilet paper business? After all, as Dubin says, “More people wipe butts than shave.”

Dubin seems like a savvy businessman, so he didn’t jump into the wipe business without being prepared. DSC asked 1,000 men in a survey about their wiping habits, and found that 51% of them use wipes, but that 23% are embarrassed by it. Having wipes mailed directly to your home seems like a pretty good way to overcome that embarrassment.

A 40-pack of One Wipe Charlies will cost members of Dollar Shave Club $4, and it looks like they’re being offered to members only. I’ve been on the fence about joining DSC for a while now. This could finally get me on board.

(via Business Insider, image via YouTube)

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