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Did You Know That Dropbox Loves Zelda?

Those of you who have a lot of files that need storing somewhere offsite (no, we won’t tell anyone about the nefarious things you like to keep around) may be aware of Dropbox, one of the most prevalent, easy-to-use cloud storage services on the Internet. The folks over at Dropbox are pretty cool — they give you 2 free gigabytes of cloud storage just for signing up and 500 megabytes per each referral up to 18 gigabtyes — but if you pay close attention to their Help Center, you’ll find the Dropbox team is cooler than you thought.

Underneath the “Security and Privacy” area of the Dropbox Help Center, you’ll notice a familiar shield bearing the Hyrulian crest. It seems the Dropbox folks are fans of The Legend of Zelda, and feel a bit safer at night knowing Link is watching everyone’s back. It’s difficult not to like Dropbox even more now, even if their Security and Privacy help section may be realistically over-encumbered with Link on the prowl.

(via A Little Bit on the Awesome Side)

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