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Double Fine Double Dips Their Chip Into the Kickstarter Bowl With Massive Chalice

George Costanza would be so proud if he knew anything about video game development.

Today the independent game company Double Fine Productions, responsible for such delightful titles as Psychonauts and Brutal Legend, announced their new Kickstarter campaign to fund an upcoming project called Massive Chalice. What’s that, you say? Double Fine just completed a massive Kickstarter campaign last year for Broken Age and still haven’t released it, and now they’re asking for more money? Well, then.

Double Fine broke records when they announced their previous campaign to raise $400,000 for the point-and-click adventure game Broken Age and instead raised over $3.3 million from 87,000 backers. This time around, Double Fine has upped their asking price from $400,000 to $750,000, but seeing as they’re already a third of the way there after less than 24 hours, they might just end up going far over their intended goal once again. In fact, the amount raised has jumped at least $10,000 just from when I started typing this out, so it’s a safe bet that they’ll get all the money they need soon.

As the ultra-campy campaign video above states (and bonus points for an incredibly timely Arrested Development reference), Double Fine is still hard at work on putting the finishing touches on Broken Age for its intended September 2013 release date. However, it considers itself a multi-game studio, and it can take on more than one project at once — many game studios do work on more than one project simultaneously, so this shouldn’t be a problem in theory. A good number of 87,000 backers from last year were probably hoping to get their hands on a finished product before being asked to donate more to a different one, though, so expect to see a lot of angry gaming nerds ranting about Double Fine and Kickstarter treachery over the next few weeks.

Massive Chalice is currently being billed as the offspring of “turn-based tactics and feudal fantasy” and will probably most closely resemble strategy games like XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics, according to lead designer Brad Muir. If  the project is funded, he expects to have it out for Windows, Linux, and Mac in approximately 14 months.

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