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Donald Trump Is Not Having a Great Day


Donald Trump is not having a great day. First, the Irish Taoiseach schooled him on immigration and basic humanity. Then he had to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and in doing so, managed to appear even more unqualified and antagonistic than usual.

First, during their meeting, he’s forced to sit with a world leader who actually speaks eloquently and understands diplomacy. That doesn’t exactly make him look great by comparison. Add on top of that his total inability to sit still and refusal to look at Merkel, and this is being chalked up to just not a great look for Trump.

Oh yeah, Pete Souza’s there for a subtle reminder of what these types of meetings usually look like.

First time meeting Angela Merkel in 2009

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By far, the most awkward moment, though, was when photographers were asking for a handshake between the two, and Trump refused.

Look at that! She asks if he wants a handshake, and he 100% ignores her.

A lot of people are having a hard time ignoring not just the disrespect, but the implied misogyny.

That wasn’t the end of the awkward moments. After this meeting, the two gave a joint press conference. In addition to accidentally calling the country a “company”–

And having this fantastic shade thrown at him:

Trump made a “joke” about his own completely baseless claims of wiretapping, in relation to the Obama administration’s actual surveillance of Merkel.


You can hear the press laughing awkwardly, and they’re definitely laughing at him.

You guys, I don’t think Trump is having the best day.

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