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Donald Trump’s TV Interview Meltdown Is Uncomfortable to Watch, Even by Trump Standards

This morning, Donald Trump went back to his campaign tactics of calling into TV news shows that he says he doesn’t have time to watch to get free promotion, and post-election, he was afforded much more ranting time than usual due to his position. Boy did he use it.

The entire spectacle lasted about half an hour—half an hour of rambling, jumping from topic to topic, and uncomfortable, awkward faces from the Fox & Friends hosts who are generally on his side. Every once in a while, they managed to get a question in and steer Trump back on track, but he’d inevitably careen off again, turning a conversation about how Republicans in Congress could get his nominees through more quickly—despite how he blames Democrats—into a promotion for pro-Trump Facebook personalities “Diamond and Silk.”

Trump’s rambling and lack of focus is nothing new, but seeing an entire half hour of it, all at once, is still a lot to take in. Of course, he touched on his favorite subject, the “fake news” media and how unfair it is to him, complete with his trademark of claiming that he doesn’t watch it right in the middle of ranting about parts of it that he clearly watched. Although this time, that claim was prompted by host Brian Kilmeade interjecting to suggest that Trump might be better off not watching, after which Trump seemed to say that not watching or paying attention to negative coverage is the key to keeping his mind sharp, which, to be honest, might be one of the few true things he’s ever said, because it would sure explain his lack of sharpness.

Even worse, he pretty plainly laid out his entire mentality by complaining that NBC isn’t “fair” to him in news coverage despite how much money he made them with The Apprentice. He also launched into rehashing the election in the middle of claiming that fired FBI Director James Comey’s memos were “totally classified” simply because “nobody unclassified them,” which is … not how that works. He also touched on subjects actually relevant to the job he’s supposed to be performing for all of us, like his like pick for Veterans Affairs secretary withdrawing under fire and his dealings with North Korea, but he seemed to prefer other subjects, eventually being cut off from his “no collusion” talk by Kilmeade saying that he must have a lot to do as president that he needs to get back to, though they’d enjoy talking to him all day.

Oddly, I don’t think anyone got the impression from this interview that either of those things are true, but hey, who hasn’t ended an awkward phone call that way?

[Update:] Oh, and his contradictory words have already come back to bite him:

(image: screengrab)

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