Domino’s Now Offers Pizza With Fried Chicken Instead of Dough

Stop using chicken for bread.
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Domino’s just launched a new product called “Specialty Chicken,” which sounds much worse than it is, and it sounds pretty bad. “Specialty Chicken” is a pizza that replaces dough with chicken then adds sauce, cheese, and other toppings. They also launched a new slogan with “Failure is an Option.” It sure is, Domino’s. It sure is.

Domino’s isn’t the first fast food company to try to replace bread with chicken. KFC did it back in 2010 with its “Double Down” “sandwich,” which put bacon and cheese between two fried chicken filets. (According to Eater, KFC is bringing that back by the way.) At the time, KFC got a lot of attention for the stunt.

Maybe Domino’s is looking to cash in on a little of that? They don’t actually think anyone wants this… do they?

If this ad is to believed, Domino’s really believes they have a winner on their hands, but they’re also admitting that they’re totally fine with repeatedly failing to make anyone want to eat their food.

The “Specialty Chicken” is available now in four flavors. I tried to talk anyone else on the Geekosystem staff into ordering one for lunch today, but there were no takers.

(via Eater, image via Domino’s Pizza)

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