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The Kentucky Fried Chicken Corsage, Explained (Kind Of)

Becuase you can't spell promotion without prom.

This morning  “Kentucky Fried Chicken Corsage” was trending on Facebook , so I think we probably all have a lot of questions. Where is mine? When did “promposal” become a thing the kids say? And how many people are going to yell at me for covering an unbelievably silly news item when really, America, this is all of our faults?

It’s “prom season”, at least according to the acne medication ads popping up alongside every commercial for KFC’s limited-edition wearable snack. The campaign for the fried chicken corsage (literally fried chicken that you wear on your wrist, just so we’re clear) promises to “make love less awkward” by helping teens out with their “promposals” (I’m going to “promit”),  although from the deadpan tone of the above commercial  it seems like #HowDoYouKFC comes with a generous side of self-deprecation.


We here at Geekosystem were understandably confused about whether or not the Kentucky Fried Corsages were just a late April Fools joke. But the limited edition items are very real, and very popular: only 100 of the corsages have been produced, and as of 2 days ago at least 20 of them had already been snatched up by prom goers, as well as one wedding reception.

You can pick up your chicken tenderly nestled on a bed of flowers from the nearest KFC, or tweet #HowDoYouKFC to order one. The unique gifts will run you $20, $5 of which goes towards a gift card you must use to hand-pick a finger-lickin’ good piece from a local KFC to adorn your beloved’s wrist. Nanz & Kraft, a florist in Louisville, Kentucky, crafts the non-chicken portion of the corsage out of baby breaths.

Hurry! Gather your rosebuds while ye may, young prom goers! Nothing makes a teen flip out and pull a Carrie-like blood bath meltdown more than having to attend a school event without a piece of chicken on their arm.

(via NBC and Gothamist, images via KFC )

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