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The Internet Is Delighting Over the Idea of Trump’s “Gorilla TV” Channel

Hilarious and, as it turns out, all too believable.

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The Brontë Sisters Would Have No Patience for This Sexist, Elitist, Pearl-Clutching Book Snob Claiming to Defend Their Legacy

So let's revel in the deliciousness.

How would Emily Brontë feel about a lover of books having a position of some authority in a literature society? And how would Brontë feel about a man bemoaning and belittling her position based on her appearance and career choices? This guy is right. We do all know the answer to that.

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12 Regal Books for Fans of The Crown

Thinking of what to do after you’re done watching The Crown? We’ve compiled a list of books that have the same feel, from an inside peek at royal romances to books that paint a picture of the second Elizabethan era.

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Libraries Matter, No Matter What This New York Observer Columnist Says

I would have to agree! Watching New York Observer Columnist Andre Walker be publicly lambasted after tweeting about how "no adult" uses libraries anymore was definitely a bright spot of 2017. Libraries matter.

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Joyce Carol Oates Asks if Othello Works Without Him Being a Moor—Um…Nope

Joyce Carol Oates posed the idea on Twitter that the play "Othello" would work the same if the racial elements were removed and Othello being a moor was made irrelevant.

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Previously Unpublished Zora Neale Hurston Book Will Be the Story of the Last Survivor of the US Slave Trade

Zora Neale Hurston, most well know for Their Eyes Were Watching God, is a fascinating figure of the Harlem Renaissance and black female authorship. While Their Eyes has made itself into the canon of prominent black works, it took a long time for that to happen and much of Hurston writing career was hindered by the fact that she did not kowtow to the mainstream ideas at the time of how to depict blackness. So when I heard that unpublished work of Hurston's was finally being released I was excited

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Women Are Running the TARDIS in This Upcoming Doctor Who Collection

Doctor Who is determined to fill everything you love with women and if you have a problem with that, then really that is just too bad for you.

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The 10 Books Everyone Will Want to Read in 2018

Some books, slated for 2018, have already generated interest from publishers and booksellers alike, and are set to reach wide audiences when they hit the shelves. Chances are, you’ll be seeing these books on the bestseller lists, award lists, and more.

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Why You Have to Read Leia, Princess of Alderaan Before Seeing The Last Jedi

Leia, Princess of Alderaan ascends to queenhood.

Carrie Fisher's General Leia in The Force Awakens is a weary but still optimistic leader in her quest to restore galactic order. The young Princess Leia of Leia, Princess of Alderaan is just as hopeful and exhausted. As she observes in her adoptive parents' aged countenance, the chaos of the world will whiten her own hair.

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10 Books Like Outlander to Get You Through the Show’s Hiatus

Well, everyone, it's that time of year again: #Droughtlander is officially upon us.

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“The First Ripple,” the Importance of a Kiss in Two Boys Kissing and Beyond

In romance, a first kiss marks a new moment in the relationship. As readers, we gasp. We clutch our shirt in our fist. We might shed a tear, or simply smile to ourselves and murmur, “Finally.” It’s the moment the couple stands together and tosses a pebble into the story. The kiss lands, and then… and then … that’s when it really gets good.

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8 Fantasy Families We’d Love to Join

One of the joys of the fantasy genre comes from knowing that those with superpowers still have to deal with their family members. Some of these clans, however, seem delightful. Whether it’s “heroes with hang ups” like the Fantastic Four, or the light and dark Casters in Beautiful Creatures, here are eight fantasy families we’d love to join.

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Her Words, in Her Voice: Carrie Fisher’s Memoir Is Nominated for a Posthumous Grammy

Carrie Fisher has been nominated for a posthumous Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album, for the recording of her memoir The Princess Diarist.

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6 Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books for Fans of Justice League

Sometimes, you watch a movie and you just can’t get enough of your favorite character–except that the sequel won’t be out for a year or maybe more. If you walk out of the Justice League movie feeling that way, you may be in need of some reading recommendations to help fulfill your craving for more Wonder Woman or Aquaman.

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The Queer YA Revolution Continues: Girl Reporter Cover Reveal

It’s exciting to see so much support right now for LGBTQIA protagonists in YA fiction, as well as support for diverse YA fiction generally. In truth, it’s worth noting that queer YA is neither a “trend” nor something specific to 2017 … but I am not going to argue with an idea that promotes both books and diversity!

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La Vida de Selena Is Selling Out on Amazon

The power of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez is unmatched by most.

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8 Fantasy Series We Could Adapt Besides More Lord of the Rings

Amazon is going to use The Lord of the Rings series as their way to create their own Game of Throne-style series, by allowing themselves to explore the vast universe of Middle-Earth. While is this ... definitely a choice one could make, I find myself wondering why couldn't those millions of dollars have been used to create an adaption that was more—I don't know—obscure. Less known. Less already adapted into multiple massive blockbusters.

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10 Great Books for X-Files Fans

Because the truth is still out there.

Many shows have drawn inspiration from it and some have even tried to replicate it: The fact remains, nothing will ever come close to The X-Files. This ’90s hit was well-received and completely mainstream when released, yet it has still managed to gain an obsessive, cult-like following. We will never stop loving (or shipping) Scully and Mulder.

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Feminist Fairy Tale The Paper Bag Princess Dances Its Way Onto the Big Screen

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Elizabeth Banks and Margot Robbie are collaborating on a film adaptation of Robert Munsch's beloved 1980 children's book The Paper Bag Princess. Banks and Robbie are both signed on as producers, with Banks also set to direct the project. Robbie may play the titular role, although The Hollywood Reporter writes that her involvement "will depend on several factors, including the script and scheduling." Katie Silberman will write the screenplay.

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Things We Saw Today: Rose McGowan Releasing a Memoir Called ‘Brave’ & We Can Not F-ing Wait!

Rose McGowan releasing a new book, Krypton casts a major villain, and the Academy is deciding if Casey Affleck will present Best Actress at the Oscars.

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