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Things We Saw Today: Hillary Clinton’s What Happened Outsells All Other Non-Fiction Books of the Past Five Years

Hillary Clinton's What Happened has already sold 300,000 copies in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook combined! That's more than any other non-fiction book in the last five years.

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Zoë Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian Fight the Patriarchy in New Books

Both Zoë Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian have dealt with a lot of hot garbage at the hands of sexists on the Internet (and IRL) whose "solutions" to women having voices in online spaces are harassment and abuse. They would each have every right to complain and be angry about their own trials. Instead, they are each using their experiences to fuel projects that make serving other women the focus.

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New Passage From Hillary Clinton’s What Happened Takes on Bernie Bros’ Toxic Sexism

And Bernie's own toxicity, too.

An excerpt from Hillary Clinton's memoir accuses Bernie Sanders of doing "lasting damage" to the Democratic Party, and calls out the sexism of some of his supporters.

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This Puberty Handbook for Boys Is Basically Rape Culture 101

In an attempt to 'explain and demystify to boys what girls go through at puberty,' the book reinforces the notion that women's and girls' bodies exist primarily in relation to how they're viewed by men and boys.

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It’s Officially the Day of the Harry Potter Epilogue, and Everyone’s Celebrating

At the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the story jumps ahead by a massive 19 years to show us that everything turned out OK for the foreseeable future (Cursed Child notwithstanding). It seemed massive at the time, at least. Now, it's flown by, and today is the actual, real-world date the epilogue takes place, when Albus Severus boarded the Hogwarts Express for the first time, and it's cause for Potterhead celebration.

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New Excerpt From Hillary Clinton’s What Happened Is All About Moving Forward

"If you see a problem in your community that needs fixing or an injustice that needs correcting, and you think, 'Someone ought to do something about that,' guess what? That someone could easily be you."

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An All-Girls Lord of the Flies Makes Sense … But Does It Have to Be Written and Directed by Men?

I was a huge fan of the William Golding YA classic Lord of the Flies when I was a kid. Though it was about boys, I could easily see how girls wouldn't fare much better in that island situation. Yet, both the execution of, and the backlash to an upcoming film adaptation of the classic novel has me a bit befuddled.

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Terry Pratchett’s Unfinished Stories Meet Their End Underneath a Steamroller

Rob Wilkins, who managed Pratchett's estate, posted photos of Terry Pratchett's old hard drive full of unfinished stories being smashed by a steamroller.

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First Excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s Memoir What Happened Are Here & They’re Heartbreaking

Hillary Clinton's memoir, What Happened, is scheduled to come out on September 12th, but a few excerpts have been released early. Now we finally get to hear Clinton say all the things we knew she was thinking all along, the things we were all shouting at our computers and televisions through the entire election season. Namely, that Donald Trump is a huge creep.

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Win a Copy of YA Feminist Fantasy Novel Girls Made of Snow and Glass!

We're giving away 5—yes, 5—copies of Melissa Bashardoust's Girls Made of Snow and Glass, a feminist YA reimagining of the classic Snow White story that's like "Frozen meets the Bloody Chamber." If you win a copy, you'll have the book in your hands a whole month before it's available to the public. All you have to do to be eligible is sign up for The Mary Sue's weekly newsletter. (If you've signed up before, you're already holding a ticket to Free Booktown.) Here's how to do the thing.

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What Book Would You Recommend for Someone Who’s Never Read Science Fiction Before?

Genre can be a polarizing subject. I've been drawn to fantasy and science fiction literature all my life, but I have friends who would rather read the dictionary than pick up a book with a spaceship on the cover. But sometimes, the right book can create a convert. Do you have a favorite for the uninitiated?

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This Book Will Change Your Life: Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables

"I do not know whether it will be read by all, but I wrote it for all."

On June 30, 1862, the final chapter of Victor Hugo's timeless classic Les Misérables was published. "Timeless classic" is an adage often tossed around, but in this case, it could not be more spot-on. Les Misérables remains as relevant as it was upon publication, and if you read it it will change you as a person.

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Things We Saw Today: Canuck the Crow Is the Most Badass Bird Around

Canuck will cut you if you cross him.

TWS: Canuck the Crow Is the Most Badass Bird Around

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The Internet Worked Together to Name a Character in Philip Pullman’s Book After a Young Grenfell Tower Victim

All too often, online communities can be hotbeds of infighting and insults. That's why it's especially heartwarming to watch hundreds of strangers come together and open their wallets for a single cause: ensuring that Nur Huda el-Wahabi's name finds its way into The Golden Compass author Philip Pullman's next book.

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Harry Potter Is 20 Years Old Today. It Changed My Entire Life.

Twenty years ago, a book went off like a bomb and changed everything.

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Ten Fantasy Drinking Establishments We Want to Patronize

♫Sometimes you want to go, where everybody is a mage♫

Planning a birthday party or bachelorette night? These 10 taverns, pubs, bars, inns, and other watering holes from fantasy fiction can't be beat. Sure, the barkeep might not agree to charge your phone, and Uber drivers might be few and far between, but that's all part of the fun. Join us in celebrating these 10 fantasy establishments that have us saying ''they come in pints!''

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Now, There’s an Official Harry Potter Book Club—Because You Weren’t Already Down a Pottermore Rabbit Hole

Have you run out of people in your life with whom you can have long conversations about the intricacies of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Well, Pottermore is hoping to remedy that with an official book club! That's right, now anyone anywhere can get together with fellow Potterheads at an official meeting spot to dissect the ins-and-outs of all the Harry Potter books. Check out the intro video above!

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Things We Saw Today: The Babadook Is an Important LGBTQIA Icon Now

The scary and yet jaunty shadow monster in a top hat has been adopted by the meme-loving Internet, and is now the unofficial mascot of Pride Month. Some days I love being online.

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Things We Saw Today: It’s A Ball Gown Made of Books! shared some amazing photos of a ballgown whose bodice is made from the spines of old books!

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Cover Reveal: Reign of the Fallen Makes the Case for Greater Bi Visibility in Fiction

Reign of the Fallen is an upcoming fantasy series about a skilled necromancer who must come face-to-face with an enemy that turned her magic into a weapon.

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