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Image Comics Go For Day and Date Digital Distribution

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Digital distribution is still a new thing to the comics industry, and DC, whatever you want to say about the rest of the reboot or the execution of their digital strategy, took a big scary step by going day-and-date digital across their entire line. But now that DC is in the water it seems that at least one other company has decided that it doesn’t look too bad: Image Comics announced yesterday that it would be making digital copies of its comics available on the same day that the physical ones become available.

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Graphicly, a social networking and digital distribution platform for the visual entertainment industry, announced today a partnership with Image Comics, the third largest comic book publisher in the US and the number one creator owned content publisher, to digitally supply and share their entire publishing catalog, including such hits as Walking Dead, Invincible, Savage Dragon, Chew and many more, to be released same day as print on Graphicly.

Image, it’s worth noting, is one of America’s biggest publishers of creator-owned comics, so it’s good to see the slow digital distribution model making its way into the grasp of at least some independent print comics creators. In addition to Graphicly, the digital comics distributor who managed to land an exclusive deal with Facebook, Image will also be offering a limited number of its top titles (including Chew, Walking Dead, and Invincible) through Comixology, which is DC’s sole digital distributor.

(via Comics Culture.)

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