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Diablo III Exploit Makes Wizards Invulnerable, Cue Hardcore Inferno Speedruns

An exploit has emerged on the Diablo III forums that makes Wizards invulnerable. Characters apparently experience no health or arcane power reduction, and are also immune to certain effects like freezing. The exploit is still working at the time of this writing, but don’t expect something like this to go unfixed for very long.

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You can view the forum thread here, but if you’re in a rush to go farm your damn gear, here’s the quick and dirty:

  1. Set the Teleport-Fracture and Archon skills
  2. Hover your mouse near your character
  3. Teleport
  4. (really quickly!) Archon

Now you’re a god. A god farming for orange-lettered pants.

If you still didn’t get it though, this video details it pretty well. As you can see, this exploit makes Diablo look like a harmless little kitty, pawing at you playfully. Also, note that the bug does not protect against his cage and grab. Proof that you can’t have everything in life.

(via VG247)

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