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See Neil deGrasse Tyson Bowl in Chris Hardwick’s Instagram Video

No big deal. Just bowling with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jimmy Fallon, Jonathan Coulton, and Questlove.

Here’s a preview of the next season of the Nerdist Channel’s All Star Celebrity Bowling! In this shaky Instagram video, host Chris Hardwick shows Neil deGrasse Tyson bowling with Jimmy Fallon, Questlove, A.D. Miles, Jonathan Coulton, and a few more people we can’t make out. Can’t wait!

If you’re not familiar with All Star Celebrity Bowling, it’s more or less exactly what it sounds like. Host Chris Hardwick puts together a bunch of people from Nerdist to challenge teams from something you probably love. There have been teams from Breaking BadThe MythbustersDoctor WhoMad Men, and more.

It’s worth checking out even if you have zero interest in bowling, and really — besides Chris Hardwick, who has any interest in bowling?

(via Instagram, Image via Andrew Ressa)

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