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You Can Now Buy Prop Replicas From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Lucasfilm is selling amazingly detailed prop replicas made by the talented folks at PropShop (who worked on the film).

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This Fan-Made Star Wars AT-ST Replica Doesn’t Move, But It Does Go “Pew Pew”

The All Terrain Scout Transport, or AT-ST, is the two-legged patrol vehicle used by the Imperial Army in Star Wars. Here's one stationed next to a playground on the planet Earth.

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Shut up and Take My Money! Somebody Made A Holophonor from Futurama

Only a few people in the whole universe can play that -- and they're not very good at it.

Ever wanted to tell your one-eyed girlfriend how much you love her, but without all those annoying words that get tangled up in your dumb 20th century brain? The holophonor would be able to help you with that -- you know, if it were real. One lucky client of Volpin Props is going to get pretty close, though, with this amazing replica of the Futurama prop.

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Here’s a Spot-On Working Wall-E Replica [Video]

This is like a thousand times cooler than your Roomba.

Replicas aren't cool. You know what's cool? A billion replicas. Working replicas. That's why we love this Wall-E robot. It looks spot on, but it's also a functioning robot. It doesn't compress trash, but it does move on its treads. It also plays sounds and music from the film, and even makes us feel feelings just like the real Wall-E.

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This Replica of the Dead Space Plasma Cutter Will Burn Its Way Into Your Heart, Or Nightmares

Replicas of video game weapons are fun, but you can only get so much enjoyment out of waving a toy laser around and shouting, "Pew! Pew!" Sometimes you want to step your game up, and that's exactly what Patrick Priebe has done. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that show Dead Space Plasma Cutter replicas, but Priebe's actually fires lasers -- and it burns stuff.

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Working WALL-E Replica Complete, Melts Hearts Everywhere

Prop maker and hobbyist Mike Senna has been working on a remote-controlled, life-size replica of Disney-Pixar's WALL-E since 2010. Now, his work is complete, and we get to see WALL-E roam the Earth he never knew. Directive: Make children happy.

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Want a 3D-Printed Replica of Your Fetus?

If pictures of your ultrasound and the resulting child weren't enough of a memory of being pregnant with said child, you can now get a 3D printout of your fetus to help commemorate all the promise your unborn child held before it was born and started listening to that music you hate.

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Own a Super Limited Edition 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Replica

As part of the QMx Artisan Master Series, Doctor Who prop maker extraordinaire Nick Robatto has made an offered up a replica of the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver -- you know, the green one. Robatto has been the prop maker for the show since the reboot in 2005, back when the Doctor was a cool guy wearing a leather jacket saving blonde girls from mannequins. Each sonic screwdriver takes around two weeks to make, and contains 148 aluminum, brass, copper, leather, and resin components. And yes, it extends and lights up just like the one in the show, but how much, you ask?

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