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Announcer’s Pronunciation of Fighter’s Unfortunate Name Produces Hilarious Results


Sometimes you just can’t win when it comes to trying to pronounce certain names. That’s the unfortunate predicament MMA announcer Michael Schiavello found himself in during a recent Resurrection Fighting Alliance bout. See, RFA 7 saw Danny Mainus take on Zac Chavez. If you’re a teenage boy, or just someone that’s been around the Internet long enough, you can probably already tell where this is going.

Yes, Schiavello pronounced Mainus’ name exactly like you’d expect he might. Due to the nature of these kind of fights, the pronunciation played out particularly amusingly thanks to lines like, “Mainus getting beaten on,” and, “Mainus is relaxed here, Pat.” You don’t have to take my word for it, though, because someone’s gone to the trouble of creating a beautiful montage of all these moments:

It’s pretty clear Schiavello’s aware of what he did, as it looks like his Twitter account’s been furiously tweeting about it ever since. Whether he did it on purpose is still unclear, but if you were given the chance, wouldn’t you? There’s only so many times one can crack jokes of this kind on television, and a fight involving Danny Mainus feels like the perfect storm.

The temptation alone would be daunting. After all, Mainus is right there, getting smacked around by a sweaty dude.

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