Gina Carano in the "too woke" movie Terror on the Prairie for the Daily Wire

Daily Wire Fans Are Turning on Gina Carano

The insult "Johnna Wick" is truly so uninspired.

Oh how the cookie crumbles. The IMDb user reviews for the Daily Wire-produced Terror on the Prairie are in and it seems as if Ben Shapiro’s lackeys are calling it “woke nonsense”. Yes, the right-wing outlet’s movie is being called “woke” and shamed. The film stars Gina Carano and was being heralded as the answer to the “liberal Hollywood elite.” Carano, who was fired from The Mandalorian after posting controversial things on her social media account, turned to Shapiro as her saving grace.

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The two began a campaign of sorts to get this movie made and make a name for Carano in conservative media, marketing the film as her “un-canceling.” And now the sexism of the right is rearing its ugly head at her work. There was once a moment in time when both Carano and Shapiro derided the “liberals” who run Hollywood and the movies they produce. And now, they’re both getting that same treatment.

Fans of The Daily Wire have taken to IMDb to post their reviews for the movie and express anger that Carano’s character is a “strong” woman. In fact, NME said that a user going by “letsgobrandon” criticized it as “woke nonsense” and said that it made women “strong like Arnold in Terminator.” The reviews went on to just bash the movie and say things like “Add Matt Walsh to the entertainment department of Daily Wire. I know for a fact he would have made some much needed corrections.”

So the movie, which made around $13,000 dollars in the box office internationally (mainly in the United Arab Emirates and Russia) and was released on the streaming platform for The Daily Wire, is bad, even according to the hard-right extremists it was explicitly made for. HAHAHA. To be fair, I haven’t seen it. And I won’t, but it is good to know that even conservatives don’t want to watch Gina Carano.

Go anti-woke, go broke?

Part of the problem with Carano is that she was praised by mainstream media fans and critics prior to her shift to mocking pronouns and making anti-mask and vaccine comments. Before the pandemic, many fans (including myself) loved seeing a strong woman—Carano is a former MMA fighter—praised for her strength. There was a time when many of the “liberal media” that she seems to hate loved her work and wanted to see her succeed.

But then she suddenly turned herself into a victim three times over and acted like people rightfully calling her out for using her platform in a harmful way were bullying her, and thus her stardom to the Daily Wire was born. So she paved a path to being a conservative darling and is quickly learning what that means. Being a strong woman is not something that they honor or love. Anything resembling feminism is never going to fly with white supremacists. Being a badass? They don’t want to see it because that’s a man’s job. All of this came about because Carano wanted to stick to her beliefs (and/or try her hand at right-wing grifting) and hey, that’s fine. But that does mean we get to now gloat.

If you want to watch Terror on the Prairie which also inexplicable features the son of Daniel Day-Lewis (his name is Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis and he compared someone judging him for his dad’s career as bad being “racist”), you can! But none of this sounds appealing to me.

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