Real Life PIP-Boy 3000 Is Awesome, Does Not Have Working Fast Travel

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but my dream has officially come true. YouTuber, MyMagicPudding embarked on a neat little project to create a real, functioning Fallout PIP-Boy 3000. The result is as stunningly cool as it is useless. The PIP-Boy is mostly an HTC Desire HD, which serves as its screen, mounted inside a custom PIP-Boy style cast. In true Fallout form, futuristic tech has been dragged into the past so you don’t actually use the Desire’s touchscreen, but rather a series of physical switches and dials on the casing itself.

Of course, as awesome as this all is, there are a few drawbacks. Unfortunately for MyMagicPudding, the whole setup took a little more physical space than he expected and, as a result, the PIP-Boy doesn’t fit on his arm like it should. Also, when you get a PIP-Boy up and running like this, it really draws attention to the fact that you can’t track any of your real stats and that you don’t get to choose a perk every two levels in the real world, because there are no stats and no levels. Still, this PIP-Boy is still the coolest Fallout thing I’ve ever seen make its way into this world. The whole World War 3 thing can stay fictional though.

(via Joystiq)

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