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Charity Auction Invites You to Drive Around in a Tank With Arnold Schwarzenegger and Crush Things

"I'm 66 years old, and I saved every one of my birthday cakes. Why? So I could crush them."


After-School All Stars is dedicated to keeping kids safe, healthy and off the streets. And, if you donate now to their charity auction, you could win a chance to fly out to California and ride around in a tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger and crush things—both literally and figuratively. Here, let Arnold explain.

He crushes Million Dollar Baby, because it made him cry. He crushes cats and a giant Easter egg, just because he can.

The unique auction is run by Omaze, an organization that elicits support for charities by raffling off “dream experiences”. I think crushing rugs, world records, and couches alongside the Governator definitely qualifies.

(via Laughing Squid and Arnold Schwarzenegger on youtube, image via After-School All-Stars)

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