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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall DVD Commentary is Hysterically Literal

Total Recall, though somewhat of sci-fi classic and still fun to watch in 2011, is kind of ridiculous. The movie had a thing for weird faces — people rolling down the Mars wilderness with their eyes bugging out of their heads, Arnold unnaturally stretching his face by pulling a huge light out of his nose, a face attached to a dude’s body, and Arnold screaming all over the place, resulting in gems like the one seen above. The movie is pretty silly, and that seemed to carry over to Arnold’s DVD commentary. YouTube user buzzclikverifyme posted a highlight reel of said DVD commentary, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is either ridiculous, or one of the greatest trolls in the history of film.

The commentary includes Arnold describing everything that is happening in various scenes, quite literally, without adding any kind of insight or behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

“This is my job, I’m a construction worker.” It seems Arnold is actually one of the agents from Psychonauts.

(via reddit)

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