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Iron Man and Batman Show up to Stop a Real Wedding in Crazy Battle Wedding [Video]

Battle now or forever rest in peace.

You know how you can tell when you’ve made the right choice in marriage? When knights, ninjas, and superheroes show up after the priest asks for objections, and your bride hands you a sword. She’s a keeper. That was the groom’s reality in Battle Wedding, and it’s pretty entertaining, despite being bogged down by trying a little too hard.

Again, we really enjoyed a lot of the gags, but at nearly ten minutes of people awkwardly interrupting this wedding, we feel like someone could have cut the individual bits down a little. We also think it was a weird way to turn a wedding into a commercial, because the groom is also CEO of gaming company Artix Entertainment, and some of the assailants are drawn from their work.

Really, that’d be like if J.K. Rowling had Harry Potter show up at her wedding. When you’re a legitimate creator of something, turning your wedding essentially into fanfiction of that thing is a little cheesy. Also, leading off with the really awkward knight fight, which was probably the least funny part, did not help us get in the mood.

Still, this is someone’s wedding we’re talking about here, and if this is legitimately the way they wanted to start the rest of their lives together, we hope they had a blast. It was probably a nice change of pace for the guests. (Probably for the priest, too, whose obvious cueing of the fights we find adorable.)

(via Artix Entertainment on YouTube)

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