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Conan Plays Minecraft, Gives it a Rating of “26C”

Conan O’Brien is a lot of things: Comedian, musician, Tilda Swinton stand-in. But he is not a gamer. However, that has not stopped him from trying in a series of review videos called “Clueless Gamer.” This week, the object of his bemusement was Minecraft. Things were off to a great start where, within seconds, the late-night funnyman compared it to 19th century Wales. I think he gets it.

As much as I love Minecraft, and as funny as this video is, it’s a reminder that there’s still an enormous learning curve on this game. Its strength has always been that it challenges players to have their own goals, and survive long enough to achieve them. But thrown in cold, a new player is probably overwhelmed by the toil and suffering inherent to Minecraft existence.

(Conan via @Notch)

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