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Cole Sprouse Regrets Those Not-So-Feminist Interview Quotes From His Tween Star Days

It's a good start.


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Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse started acting when he was only six months old, which means he got to spend his entire childhood saying regrettable things in a very public arena. If people had been asking me questions about my world views and personal opinions when I was a pre-teen, I’m positive I would look back every day on the things I said with utter mortification. Could anyone escape their formative years without saying something dumb? Not Sprouse, apparently.

Friday morning, he posted a picture of an old magazine interview to Twitter. The quote was a response to a typical teen/pre-teen magazine question, asking what he looks for in a girl.

I’d guess from the picture that this interview took place in his Disney Channel days, when he was maybe 12 or 13. So I do want to cut him a little slack for perpetuating the whole not like other girls notion that stereotypical or traditional signs of femininity are a negative we need to shun to attract men, as well as the idea that an interest in makeup definitively stems from a lack of self-confidence and precludes an easy-going nature or fun personality.

Oh, and just for fun, this isn’t the first time Sprouse has implicitly apologized for his young self.

From our perspective, this goes in the Win column, along with his eager support of the potential for Jughead (whom he plays on Riverdale) to be an asexual character. But, if we’re making a list of old comments to make amends over, maybe let’s start with that weird, more recent one where you compared Black Lives Matter activists to cannibals.

Oh, and I hate to be the one to tell you, Cole, but you’ve kind of pissed off a lot of Dutch women and girls, too.


(via Teen Vogue, image via The CW)

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