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Here’s a Surprisingly Calming Hour of a Nickel Rolling on a Treadmill [Video]


What happens when you set a coin rolling on a treadmill? Will it keep rolling perpetually until outside forces cause it stop? That’s a good question, and one that we can safely say has an answer now. YouTube user Parker Reed set out to, well, it’s not really clear what he set out to accomplish. Whatever it was, Reed ended up setting a nickel rolling on a treadmill and recorded an entire hour worth of video. It’s actually a surprisingly zen 60 minutes of a single rolling coin and treadmill background noise.

It’s something you can just kind of… stare at. For long periods of time. Turns out the nickel’s apparently rather well-balanced. Who knew?

Well, well-balanced or the treadmill itself is angled in some way. Whatever the case may be, we now have this confluence of events to thank for a fairly relaxing video.

(YouTube via Reddit, Have You Seen This)

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