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The Australian Billionaire Who’s Building a Replica Titanic Decided to Build Jurassic Park, Too

And All Was Right With the World


Granted, the dinosaur-themed resort will be filled with giant robotic dinosaurs, not real ones. But if anyone ever figures out the cloning process you can bet Clive Palmer will be the first in line to buy some embryos.

Palmer made headlines a few months back when he announced his plans to build a replica Titanic, called the Titanic II, which—barring some major disaster—will sail across in the Atlantic in 2016. Doing one crazy expensive thing isn’t enough for Palmer, though, as now he’s planning, in his words, “the world’s biggest dinosaur exhibit, with 165 animatronic dinosaurs.”

The resort is on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, and it already has two dinosaurs beautifying the place up: A Tyrannosaurus rex named Jeff and an omeisaurus named Bones. Palmer recently ordered 117 more dinosaurs, which will blink and move their chests and tails. The delivery is expected to arrive in April, and Palmer says the exhibit should be on display “within months.”

BRB, booking a flight to Australia.

I can’t imagine that there would be anyone not pleased by giant animatronic dinosaurs, but apparently at least one such curmudgeon exists in the world. Per The Australian:

“Jeff the T-rex’s arrival caused a stir late last year, with one Sunshine Coast councillor complaining the ambitious dinosaur park plan would cheapen the resort.”

Excuse you, anonymous Sunshine Coast councillor. “Cheapen” the resort? Looks like someone‘s parents never took them to see see Jurassic Park.

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