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London Theater Employs Cinema Ninjas to Confront Rude Customers

People can’t seem to stop themselves from being horribly rude when viewing a movie at the theater. This behavior ranges from talking on their phone to kicking the seats and is basically just the worst. It’s almost as if being inconsiderate was a pastime for these people. The Prince Charles Cinema in London has had enough. They’re supposedly employing volunteers dressed in black bodysuits to regulate their audience’s behavior.

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This comes thanks to an idea had by Gregor Lawson, co-founder of Morphsuits, the company that makes those skintight bodysuits that just border on being creepy. /Film quotes the man as saying the following:

I’m a big fan of going to the cinema, but there’s an unspoken code of conduct when you’re watching a movie that some people just don’t understand. Then when some fans were discussing being ninjas in their Morphsuits on our Facebook page I had a eureka moment. I thought I’d find a cinema and see if we could bring a light hearted taskforce to the aid of movie fans.

This obviously won’t work with everyone, but a little gentle nudging can’t hurt.

(via /Film, image via Seth Werkheiser)

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