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Chris Evans at the ‘Lightyear’ Premiere Broke Twitter

Chris Evans at the premiere for Lightyear

In the battle of the Hollywood Chrises, Chris Evans is typically high up on the ranking, at least for me. And with that comes a love of him and the things he loves, like his very clear appreciation for Disney movies, so getting to see him voice one of the most iconic characters in the Disney/Pixar canon is a pretty cool thing, and fans took to the internet to celebrate the Lightyear premiere!

The premiere of Lightyear took over Hollywood last night, but it was Chris Evans and his sunglasses (and visible chest tattoo) that took the internet by storm. Evans is voicing Buzz Lightyear in the film that gives us a glimpse into the movie that Toy Story’s Andy fell in love with (and where the toy Buzz Lightyear eventually came from), but Evans himself took to the premiere in a very fun shirt and was having a grand ol’ time at the premiere that left fans screaming online throughout the night.

Twitter loved it

So starting off, Evans was on one (as the kids would say), meaning that he was flirting his way down the press line and serving looks that truly broke us all in the best of ways—like asking if an interviewer prefers the mustache that he had in both Lobby Hero and the upcoming film The Gray Man.

The “Be honest” is honestly a lot to unpack.

Then there were things like Yvette Nicole Brown calling Evans her Twitter Bae and sharing a picture of the two of them at the premiere together looking like best friends and also parents who are celebrating their anniversary.

And maybe it is just the tight sleeves or the little reveal of Evans’ white tank and his tattoos peaking out paired with the sunglasses he had on the entire time, but just the entire look and vibe broke Twitter in the way that only Evans can really do. And it was also an all day fracture. Earlier in the day, he was wearing a simple blue and green striped shirt, and even that had everyone screaming.

But then, it just seemed like every moment on that carpet was a great photo opportunity for our very own Steve Rogers/Buzz Lightyear. But then again, it’s Chris Evans. I think it’d be very hard to get a bad picture of Chris Evans unless you’re REALLY trying, and even then, it might be impossible.

So it’s been a fun time on Twitter, especially if you love Chris Evans. But then, who doesn’t love Evans? So by default, it’s been a fun time online for everyone, and I hope, as the press tour for Lightyear continues, we just get Evans with more of this energy throughout it. It’s what we deserve after the last few years. Lightyear hits theaters on June 17, and even if it is just Evans’ voice, this should get everyone excited for the latest Pixar and Disney film.

(featured image: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

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