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Chris Evans Is Playing Piano in Quarantine and Has No Regard for Our Hearts

Christopher, you have to realize what you're doing.

Chris Evans playing piano without any regard for us being stuck in quarantine

Chris Evans has been giving fans content to keep us “entertained” during quarantine—meaning he’s just continued to fuel the thirst fans have for him over and over again. Whether it’s doing interviews in plaid shirts while drinking a beer or confirming that he looks like Joe Biden, it’s certainly been a time.

The latest has been a journey in his musical talents by posting himself learning a piano piece by Fabrizio Paterlini. (As someone who was classically trained in piano until I was 18 years old, I understand this feeling because I, too, have taken to playing piano again while stuck inside.)

So what is the problem with this? It’s that Chris Evans is smirking at the camera and wearing a cozy sweater while doing so, and Christopher, it is cuffing season. You cannot do this to us.

But, more important than Chris Evans trying to trap us with his sweater and piano playing skills (just kidding, what’s more important than that?), he’s doing the same thing as the rest of us. We’ve all decided that we’re master bakers or skilled musicians and have started to take on tasks we probably wouldn’t in the before times.

For me, I’ve been doing a lot more reading and playing piano because I never really had time before. So, being stuck at home has resulted in me doing the things I did when I was younger. And when I asked the rest of the staff at The Mary Sue, the newfound time on their hands has been lent to practicing witchcraft more regularly, baking, and trying to do some outside writing to keep us entertained while stuck inside.

Anyway, Chris Evans knows what he is doing. He’s out here doing shirtless backflips into a pool, sharing pictures of himself with his dog Dodger, and now he’s playing piano is a cozy sweater while we’re all stuck inside. It’s a blessing and a curse, and maybe my new quarantine adventure is trying to figure out what thing Chris Evans is doing to do next.

If he starts posting baking videos, it’s over for all of us. (But also I wouldn’t complain. Give me domestic Chris Evans, please and thank you.)

(image: Chris Evans’ Instagram)

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