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You Have a Voice: Vote for the BioShock Infinite Reversible Cover of Your Choice

As far as video game covers go, the artwork to be slapped on every copy of BioShock Infinite this March is pretty bland, featuring an image of the game’s protagonist — Booker DeWitt — brandishing a gun while the American flag is burned to cinders behind him. Other than that, there’s not much else, nothing to even suggest that the game takes place on a grandiose steampunk city in the sky with giant-handed cyborg guys roaming the streets. Going solely by the cover, BioShock Infinite may as well be about a trigger happy arsonist that likes to burn flags. Ken Levine, creative director and co-founder of BioShock developer Irrational Games, has heard our collective grievances and announced that gamers will have the chance to vote for the artwork to appear on the reversible cover. And we have oh so many options.

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You can go and vote for the cover of your choosing over at Irrational Games’ official blog. According to Levine, the voting window is small due to deadline constraints, so he implores that each and every one of you cast your vote as soon as possible, unless you want to end up with two pieces of BioShock Infinite cover artwork you’ll hate forever. That said, Irrational Games will also be offering printable covers in the event the one you voted for didn’t come out on top. So, essentially, you kind of win regardless.

(Irrational Games via Gamma Squad)

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