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Catwoman Short to Appear Alongside Batman: Year One Movie

Good News Everyone!

Apparently it’s been known that Batman: Year One is the next DC Animated Original Movie since some time this summer, which is good news for me, since Batman: Year One was the very, very first superhero graphic novel that I ever read.

What makes this news even more intriguing is the promise that in addition to seeing my second favorite Batman book of all time in full sound and motion, we’ll be treated to the first appearance of Catwoman on a screen since, well, the 90’s.

Pfft, there was no live action Catwoman movie.  You know that.

The DCAO feature length movies, which include the upcoming All Star Superman, Green Lantern: First Flight, and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, have all been accompanied by shorter films featuring some of the lesser known characters in the DC Canon, like Green Arrow or Jonah Hex.  Recently, Executive Producer and undisputed master of DC comics in animation for twenty years Bruce Timm let slip that the last of the shorts will accompany Batman: Year One, and that it will feature Catwoman; as he explained that, due to poor sales, these shorter cartoons will no longer be paired with their longer counterparts.

Questions remaining include whether this Catwoman featurette will be based on a broad interpretation of the character, drawing from different sources, or perhaps more closely based on Selina Kyle as she appears in Year One itself: a prostitute inspired to high profile costumed burglary by the existence of Batman, who slugs the crap out of her pimp and explains that the reason why she hates men is that she’s never met one.

In other words, a Frank Miller character.  The Year One adaptation is reportedly as faithful as possible while retaining a PG-13 rating, despite a lot of violence and prostitution; so I’d be honestly interested in seeing what they’d do with Year One‘s Catwoman.

And if they could get Adrienne Barbeau to reprise her voicework on the character, why, that would just be icing on the cake.

(via The Daily BLAM!)

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