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Carl’s Jr. Ice Cream Brrrger Looks Kind of Gross, is Normal Ice Cream

Upon closer inspection, the above cheeseburger isn’t weird frosting dripping out of odd-looking ground beef, but is actually made entirely of dessert. Carl’s Jr., a fast food chain you may not be familiar with if you live in the eastern half of the United States, is reportedly working on new dessert experiment the Carl’s Jr. Ice Cream Brrrger; like one of those ice cream cookie sandwiches, but simulating a hamburger, and looking nearly identical to ground beef at a glance.

The $1.99 test market dessert sandwich is stuffed with chocolate ice cream instead of cooked-then-frozen ground beef (like how it looks), is drizzled with colored icing to simulate ketchup, lettuce and either cheese or mustard (it’s a little hard to tell which was intended), and is enclosed by cookies, with the top cookie covered in sugar seemingly to simulate sesame seeds, but also so something can be covered in sugar.

Laughing Squid provides a photo, via Cole Bartiromo, of the Brrrger in the wild:

So if you have a Carl’s Jr. in close proximity, and want to check out a kind of gross-looking, but (assumedly) great-tasting, punny burger, you better get one while the test is currently running.

(Food Beast via Laughing Squid)

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