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Gary Busey Stars In This Amazon Fire TV Ad And It Actually Makes Sense

A bit derivative of Anchorman, sure, but it has a real narrative!


Usually when I see Gary Busey on camera, I react similarly to how I might if my late grandpa had ever wandered into a commercial set — so a lot of “Oh no, he must be so confused, let’s get him back in his chair at home!” But this Amazon Fire TV spot leans into Busey’s penchant for acting a bit nutty, and the end result is just delightful.

Amazon Fire TV — which is currently available on Amazon, of course — is the company’s attempt to be relevant in the media box game alongside streaming players like Roku and game consoles like the XBox One. As Engadget notes in their review, while the TV itself is a solid product, it’s emblematic of a larger problem that Amazon has — namely, that they can’t quite decide exactly what kind of company they want to be. So we guess Amazon is kind of like Gary Busey himself, in a tragically confused but still endlessly compelling sort of way. Plus, their TV has voice recognition!

Let’s just hope this doesn’t convince some money-grubbing TV exec that Busey is up for another reality show program. Guys, let’s just not. Being able to yell at inanimate objects for a number of hours doesn’t mean you’re up for a new series. Give the poor dude a break.

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