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Indie Band’s Music Video Lets You Control How Drunk They Are With the Click of a Button [Video]

People from London are really good at two things: indie rock and getting sloshed.


When Moones set about brainstorming for a live session music video to promote their latest EP, Ollie Kristian had a genius idea: Record their single “Better Energy” over and over again, but have each member of the band drink four beers each between every take. The result is a multi-angle masterpiece of drunkenness that uses over 10,000 YouTube annotations to allow you total control over the band’s blood alcohol level at any given moment of the song. Man, if only actually getting drunk were that easy — think of the money we’d all save!

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The actual video clocks in at over an hour and 16 minutes of footage and uses cleverly inserted annotations — along with beer bottles stacked on the wall — to measure time. Amazingly, they only manage to knock over a microphone stand over the course of fiming, though they do start to get very flowy with their movements as things progress. As one YouTube commenter put it, “80 beers is like Aerosmith on no beers.”

And in case you’re too lazy to actually click buttons, here’s a split screen comparison of No Beers vs. 80 Beers (that’s 16 per band member):


The band has also released a great behind the scenes video, and the single is available on Soundcloud. You can pay what you want for the full EP or download each track individually for free. Given how much they must have spent on alcohol alone, it’d probably help them out to throw in at least a couple of bucks.

(via The Daily Dot)

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