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[UPDATED] Brianna Wu Describes “War On Women” In The Gaming Industry On MSNBC


Game developer and podcaster Brianna Wu appeared on MSNBC’s The Reid Report yesterday to discuss the ongoing harassment of women in gaming, and to share how male developers and journalists can help change that culture of misogyny from the top down. Wu’s words are especially admirable considering she and her husband were the target of 8chan death threats last week; in spite of having to leave her home after being doxxed, the developer has continued to speak up for women, first at our NYCC panel on Sunday, and again yesterday on the national news.

The significance of Wu’s promise that she “won’t be bullied out of the industry” might not be obvious for those uninitiated in the scarier aspects of gaming culture, but a cursory glance at the developer’s Twitter reveals she’s already been criticized for her appearance yesterday–even by Firefly actor Adam Baldwin.

Sigh. Thank you, Brianna, for speaking out against online violence and the industry’s perpetuation of misogyny. For anyone looking for another kick-ass lady’s perspective on #Gamergate, check out social researcher Jennifer Allaway’s thought-provoking dissection of her own harassment.

[Updated: CNN has now also released a video focusing on Wu’s harassment and the threats faced by Anita Sarkeesian. Hopefully the scrutiny placed on #Gamergate by major news networks will not only mitigate the vitriol being directed at female gamers, but also bring people like Wu and Sarkeesian the positive recognition they deserve in their Industry.]

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