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Mechanical Candle Adds Flare (oy!) to your Birthday Cake

Move over, ColorFlame. FastLites, and even the Candelabra can’t hold a candle to (oh, you knew it was coming, might as well get it out of the way) the Blossoming Birthday Candle. Don’t let the initial lighting fool you–after the initial eruption of fire and sparks, the candle opens up to reveal at least 15 petals, each with an individually lit candle rotating around sparks spewing from the center.

EMBED-Awesome Fiery Birthday Candle – Watch more free videos

While birthday candles in the image of different shapes, characters, and illicit activities have all been done, a candle with motion built-in is something we have yet to see. I hope the developer is working on other mechanized celebratory paraphernalia. Perhaps a robotic cake cutter? Oh, wait…

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