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All Right, How Come None of You Laser Brains Told Us Billy Dee Williams Would Be on Dancing With The Stars?

This dance is getting worse all the time.

We’re not big Dancing With The Stars fans here. Sure, we watched when Bill Nye was on, but that’s because he’s our friend and we want to support him in all of his endeavors. If we’d known that Billy Dee Williams would be doing an embarrassingly hilarious Star Wars-themed cha cha last night, though, we would have tuned in for sure.

To be fair, Mr. Williams is seventy-seven years old, has several hip replacements under his very literal belt, and is probably still in better shape than any of us scruffy nerd herders (get it, because you guys are nerds and we herd you? Okaaaay I’ll close the door on my way out), so we won’t comment on his dancing ability.

But, the least they could have done was buy him a Lando costume that fits him better. Also, what the hell was his dance partner wearing? She looks like Dot Matrix from Space Balls. Jeez. You guys would never get accepted into the 501st legion with that kind of inaccurate cosplay.

(via US Magazine)

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