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Check Out This Neat Star Wars AT-AT Rocker and Be Jealous That You Don’t Have One

Don't underestimate the power of this rocker.

If you don’t think an AT-AT Rocker is one the coolest and cutest things ever, then you need to reevaluate your life choices. Cakewrecks and EPBOT writer Jen Yates has finished a very impressive piece of work, not only including all the details of the AT AT (even the red eye, which unfortunately doesn’t shoot any lasers, but that’s okay), but making it comfortable and secure.  Yates writes on EPBOT:

“We added a seat back and extra sturdy T-bar handle for safety, plus some extra-long bumpers on the bottom rails to prevent the rocker from rocking too far.”

She also adds:

“The rail bumpers might not be necessary for an older and/or more adventurous child, but our 4-year-old test subject Isaiah was afraid of rocking backward, so the stops helped him feel more secure.”

She’s not entirely sure what to do now with this very heavy piece yet, but who knows? Maybe she’ll auction it off and you can buy it for yourself. Check out her EPBOT post for more details.

(via EPBOT, image via Jen Yates)

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